2022 Event

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9th September 2022

Goodenough College
Mecklenburgh Square

The 2022 meeting will focus on bringing together members from industry, clinical, scientific, engineering and built environment backgrounds to discuss what is the role of surfaces in transmission and how do we manage surfaces through decontamination.

The morning will consist of lectures from experts and the afternoon will consist of case studies where participants can share learning.

Agenda for the day:

09:30–10:00:   Coffee and registration

10:00–10:15:  Welcome and introduction to the network (Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green, Great Ormond Street Hospital)

10:15–11:00:  Options for surface decontamination (Professor Jean-Yves Maillard, Cardiff University)

11:00–11:30: Novel decontamination techniques, what is their role in healthcare? (TBC)

11:30–12:00:  Coffee

12:00–12:20:  Monitoring microbial surface loads, how is it done, what do we find? (Sam Watkins and Helen Rickard, University College London)

12:20–12:40:  Modelling the impact of surface decontamination (Dr Marco-Felipe King, University of Leeds)

12:40–13:00:  Do all surface loads matter? What are the differences between healthcare and the community? (Dr Lena Ciric, University College London)

13:00-14:00:   Lunch and networking session

14:00–14:35:  Case study 1

14:35–15:10:  Case study 2

15:10–15:40:  Coffee

15:40–16:15:  Case study 3

16:15–16:30:  Environment Network moving forward