What Is the Environment Network?

The Environment Network works to support people in clinical, engineering and scientific roles who are interested in environmental infection control

Do you want to know more about what to do with your water screening and air sampling results?  Are you keen to understand the evidence behind equipment cleaning and the role of the environment in healthcare associated infection?

Then welcome to the Environment Network!  This is a network for people in clinical/scientific/engineering roles within the NHS and other associated organisations who are interested in the role of environmental infection prevention and control in preventing infection. 

The aim of the network is to support infection prevention and control professionals involved in commissioning, environmental audit, water, air and surface testing within their Trusts.  By working together we can share best practice between Trusts; as well as circulating the latest evidence and discussing personal experiences. 

What are the aims of the network?

  • To support the development of member networks
  • To provide events where shared learning can be supported
  • To permit sharing of experiences and best practice to improve clinical interventions
  • To support and share research in order to achieve improvements in evidence based practice

What is our remit?

  • Environmental testing and monitoring within healthcare environments
  • Environmental audit and risk assessment
  • Surface decontamination
  • Ventilation within healthcare environments
  • Water management within healthcare environments
  • Environmental outbreak monitoring and control

How to get involved?

  • Follow our newsletter
  • Come to our annual meetings
  • Volunteer to join our steering group
  • Send us content to share via the website and other routes
  • Join us in applying for funding to further build an evidence base for environmental IPC

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